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Academic Returners’ Research Fund

The WiSE Academic Returners’ Research Fund (R2F) was established in 2014 to provide support for female academics working in STEMM subject areas who are embarking upon, or returning to work after, a period of maternity leave.

The fund exists for the benefit of all female full‐ and part‐time staff, as well as postdoctoral researchers, and provides the opportunity for female scientists to continue their research endeavours and plan how their research commitments and aspirations can be supported during and/or after their period of leave.


Lucy Easthope
Dr Lucy Easthope

“The R2F funding has provided me with a great deal of reassurance about the way in which Lincoln values and supports women working in science.  I am passionate about my work and my research and that meant that I have always been determined to manage my research life alongside motherhood. I work in the field of Disaster Victim Identification and Mass Fatalities Planning which changes very quickly and reimagines with every new incident so it’s essential to be able to keep up and stay current. The funding has meant that I didn’t fall behind with opportunities or access to events, and has enabled me to kick start a research project which will hopefully lead to much greater future funding.”

Dr Lucy Easthope, Senior Lecturer in Forensic Sciences.
Returners Research Fund Guidelines 2014-15