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The University recognises the need to offer support to female scientists returning to academia following extended career breaks, and is committed to providing opportunities for such women to get back into research. The Back to Science Fellowships were launched in September 2014 to provide a one-year opportunity for both women and men in STEMM subject areas, who have taken extended career breaks, to join an established research group, build confidence and gain contemporary research experience.

The Fellowships aim to provide a sound platform for Fellows to kick-start their careers, providing opportunities for researchers to develop independent research projects, funding applications and research publications, or undertake further study.

Physicist Fiona Bissett and ecologist Dr Graziella Iossa have been selected to receive the first two awards. They are now undertaking research projects alongside academic colleagues in Lincoln’s College of Science.

Fiona Bissett
Fiona Bissett

“The Back to Science Fellowship is an amazing opportunity! This fellowship not only allows me to return to scientific research, but also provides me with training while I do it. The cherry on the cake is being able to work flexibly part-time so that my work and family life fit well together. I am really looking forward to the next couple of years and am thrilled to have been chosen.”  –  Fiona Bissett

Fiona obtained her undergraduate degree in Computational Physics from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh in 2001, will be working on a Computational Physics project with Dr Manuela Mura in Lincoln’s School of Mathematics and Physics. Her research will focus on the computer modelling of carbon-based molecules on surfaces.

Fiona’s Siren FM radio interview can be listened to below:



The call for the Back to Science Fellowships 2015 will be open from 1-31 August 2015. For more information…