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Women in Science, Engineering and Technology

Let’s make a difference together!

Mary Stuart
Professor Mary Stuart, Vice Chancellor

“The Guardian reports that the number of female scientists in Britain is very low compared with the US and other countries. The UKRC, which supports the Athena SWAN Charter, finds that men are six times more likely than women to work in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET). To be a world-class university, we need to utilise the potential talent of our women and men, so that our SET areas can build on their strength.

But, there is evidence that the majority of women with qualifications in SET subjects do not work in SET areas. Our challenge is not only to encourage women into science but get them to stay. Unfriendly, long working hours can encroach into personal and family life, and the stereotype of ‘it’s a man’s world’ sometimes rings uncomfortably true.

I readily support the Athena SWAN principles  ‘to create a level playing field for all’, and here at Lincoln, I want to provide support for our women in science. Please take some time to look at the personal stories of our talented senior women in science and engineering. Let’s make a difference together”.

Be proud to be WiSE@Lincoln!

Professor Andrew Hunter, PVC, Head of College of Science

Science has been the foundation of extraordinary social change over the last two hundred years, igniting the fires of the industrial revolution, and introducing a worldview that values evidence and enquiry over received wisdom and convention.

The immense challenges that continue to face us, from food security through energy conservation to disease prevention and cure, are challenges that only science can address. We need the very brightest and best young citizens to seek fulfilling careers in Science, and to find inspiring role models in the scientific community.

I am thus delighted to introduce the University of Lincoln’s WiSE@Lincoln initiative, designed to promote and support the development of the profile of female scientists within the University.

Realising potential and ambition!

Professor Sara Owen, PVC, Head of College of Social Science

The College of Social Science Strategic Plan 2012-2016 clearly sets out our ambition to attract and retain ambitious and talented staff, provide opportunities for career progression, and plan for succession. We are working towards ensuring that staff have the opportunity and support to realise their potential, have access to continuous professional development, and receive meaningful appraisals and an opportunity to develop personal development plans. We are also working towards developing a scheme of identifying and training successors for all the key College roles. As part of this we are keen to find ways of supporting, encouraging and facilitating our women scientists to realise their potential and ambitions. In addition we are keen to make the most of the women’s talents in order to achieve the aspirations of the College. WiSE@Lincoln will provide an excellent framework for our discussions and plans.